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You've heard of the AIDS Quilt, Cancer Quilt and quilts for abused kids,
but have you heard of the Hope Quilt for Victims of Sexual or Domestic Violence?

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Add Yours Today.

           Email us today. We'll be glad to send you a quilt square to sign.

For those who are really industrious, you can send in an entire block!


Blocks are to be 12.5 X 12.5.

Squares are 4.5" x 4.5".

Please allow 1/4" space on all sides for sewing.


The primary quilt colors are yellow and white but other colors are being accepted. Squares can be painted, signed, lettered, embroidered- you name it! Make your square your own!

    This is to be a quilt of healing thus named the Hope Quilt. Please keep squares or blocks on a positive theme. We'll be posting pictures here as the quilt progresses. It will be on display in our office, at conferences, information and mission fairs and possibly loaned to other organizations.


 We're also accepting volunteers who want to help with this project and donations to help cover the costs of quilting. The size of this quilt is only limited by the number of people who decide to create a square or a block.  It is open to all effected by sexual or domestic violence, our spouses, partners, family & friends.


It's a great project for support groups, shelters or women's groups.

Send us your square today!

Hope For Healing.Org
153 Broadway Blvd. #113

Jefferson City, TN 37760

For more information email us here. 

Don't want to snail mail? No problem. Leave a message on our guestbook to have one of our volunteers create a square for you. Messages should be uplifting, 1-2 lines, signed with at least your first name & show a valid email address. (Created squares will appear in the quilt with the words "by vol" in tiny print in a corner.)

Sign and View the Guestbook here.

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