Domestic Violence Prayer Service
Hope For Healing.Org

October 2002

These are photos from our prayer service in October 2002.

Our fervent prayer is that one day all homes shall be safe.

Hope For Healing.Org is a Christian organization
open to all who wish to come regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation,
mistakes made (perceived or actual) or religious background.

To God Be All Glory Honor And Praise!

A few words were offered from our founder.

Our talented flutist for the evening was borrowed from the Triangle Youth Symphony in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her offering to the service was Amazing Grace.


Our pianst and board member 
offered several hymns on the piano.


 An elementary school child offers a prayer for the victims of domestic violence who are children. 


A special thank you goes to God for making this minsitry possible.

We would also like to thank
Marrow's Chapel United Methodist Church
for graciously allowing us to
borrow thier sanctuary for the evening.