Hope For Healing.Org

Group Takes a Punch Out of Domestic Violence
During Domestic Violence Awareness Month
April 2002

              Vance Karate in Henderson, NC, owned by Steve and Kimberly Gupton hosted an AWESOME
self defense class for Hope For Healing.Org.
Over 30 participants, all women or girls, learned how to punch, duck and get away from an abuser or attacker

"I think it was a great opportunity for everyone and really learned a lot. "
said Nancy, whose 2 daughters also partipated.

"It wasn't what I thought it would be at all. I had a lot of fun.
It gave me more confidence." said Allie who took the class with her sister and 2 friends from church.

Did we mention that Steve and Kimberly offered this class at
no charge to either Hope For Healing.Org or the participants?

            Hope For Healing.Org is deeply apreciative of what Steve and Kimberly, along with thier co-instuctors were willing to do for the women of this community. It was an awesome experience. We are confident lives have been changed. Offering the class at no chage enabled women to attend who otherwise could not have afforded to do so.

              Drop on over to the website of Vance Karate to let Steve and Kim you know apreciate these kinds of classes. You can send them email by clicking on the 2 weeks free link. You don't have to sign up for classes to use this email form.

Below are some photos. You can see what a great time we had!


             Kim and Steve get ready for the class with their daughter at the information and snacks table before class..

  A few minutes from our founder to 
educate about domestic violence, sexual assault and its effects.

Class participants learn to roll and scoot away from an attacker under the watchful eyes of our instructors.

Steve and an instructor get ready to demonstrate that size doesn't matter with the right techniques. 
We were all inspired after watching this move!

    Kimberly was glad to demonstrate another move. We're not so sure Steve can say the same! 


 Here, Steve is explaining one of the most important parts of all. If you are ever faced by an attacker, be cool, keep your head and be prepared to do everything you can to get away!